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Dang I look good!
This shirt helps me out with the moob section. It does a little compression on your belly area but hey you can't stuff your face and expect a 6 pack.
The package came very quick and it is a little hard to put on but it got rid of most of my pointy moobs. Now I look like I have a chest without pointy moobs nice!!!
I am a medium and bought a medium. I will be buying one in black. Wish they came in V-Neck.
Rohit |
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An absolute MIRACLE!!!
I read all the reviews and glad for them. I bought this for my husband and its a MIRACLE!! He has been embarrassed most of his life because of his slight gynecomastia and I finally decided to help him and buy a compression tank. This product received the best reviews for the cheapest price. My husband tried it on and he was so happy because his gynecomastia completely disappeared and he said for the first time in his life he can actually walk tall with his head held high. He was tired of constantly slouching so no one would see his gynecomastia. It gave him poor posture and back pains from slouching so much. This tank is very soft and my husband said it also help his posture. It didn't really work for his slight beer gut but it did wonders for what we were looking for. I was not sure what size to get because its a compression tank and glad for the reviews and bought his regular shirt size in large. It does run small because they are compression tanks. My husband is a 42 chest and this has so much stretch that the large was perfect for him. I'm glad I didn't pay for the overpriced "Spanx" and bought the "Underworks" instead! I will be buying more!!
David R |
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Although this fits a bit snug - this is what I was looking for. It tightens up the chest and belly nicely without looking like a man-bra. looks nice under dress shirts, casual shirts and t-shirts. Material is weaved in such a way that it keeps you cool by wicking the sweat away from your body. I am going to purchase a few more!
Anh |
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Worth the money
This thing gives you the squeeze you need. They are expensive, but worth it. I have had them for a few months now and they have held up great. I only have 2 of them and get excited when I reach into my underwear droor and pull out a clean one.
Nicole |
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I just got my shirt today (black size L) and I am already in love with it! I used to use SlimT's, but these are 10)% better. SlimTs have a design/construction on the shirt that made me embarrased to put it on in front of other people or take off my shirt in front of others if necessary.

These shirts look like a normal tank top! They barely have any gloss compared to other shirts of this material, and they look and feel 10x more comfortable than the other shirts I have used. I will be taking my shirt off and wearing just this when necessary and no one will know the difference.

All in all I am pretty solidly build, but I have slight gynecomastia and extra fat around my lower chest, as well as some unsightly love handles, and this shirt conceals them well and makes me comfortable at the same time.

I ordered one size smaller, (my chest is between 46-48 inches and I ordered a Large. Putting is effortless, but taking it off felt slightly uncomfortable,
Donna |
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I was skeptical at first, but once I put it on and put on a polo, I almost cried - tears of JOY!
My chest caves in and gives the illusion that I have man boobs.
I was always wearing baggy shirts and tight undershirts to try and mask it, but the problem was still noticeable.
I put on this tank - I put on a polo (size large without my typical undershirt), looked sideways in the mirror, and behold - I noticed a difference right away.
It does take some getting used to. I tried wearing it outside on a humid day, yeah - don't do that... On a regular day during normal/cold temps it is fine. Mine do not seem to ride up like other people claim.
I'm 5'11, 185lbs. My chest is 40" and that is why I bought the large. I'm not skinny and I'm not fat. It fits over my head just fine and I am able to take it off just the same. The medium would have been too small.
They do not stretch out during a day of wear and they require machine wash cool and line dry. They dry out rather quickly. I bought 5 of these and I'm keeping them all.
Lauren |
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Husband loves it!
So, my husband would never think to buy something like this for himself. I've known his "man boobs" as he calls them bother him a little and make him a little self conscious so I sought something like this out. I really only wanted to meet two criteria: 1) that it works to slim that area down and 2)is comfortable. I read reviews about a lot of similar products that were extremely uncomfortable and dug into skin and I wanted something he would want to wear all day at work. He was leery when I showed it to him but after the first few times he wore it, he quickly decided he loved it. He loves that it looks just like a normal tank from under a regular t-shirt! It makes him more confident, noticeably slimmer and he acts more like the young chap I fell in love with ;) I'm on here to buy a few more!
Samantha |
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Cool in the summer and warm in the winter
As everyone commented: measure your chest and buy a size smaller. I wear large shirts and extra large tee shirts. I bought a medium shirt as this was very good to hold everything in. Pulls in the chest in better than the stomach without being bulky. I wear it under a shirt and its not noticed. Do not get the similar one that goes over the shoulders or you will be disappointed. It is much more comfortable with the open arm pit and wide neck to hide most shirts worn over it. It is not hot in the heat or cold in cold weather. As comfortable as you can get considering what you are doing. This will help shape most adequately and avoid the embarrassment of thoughtless people who pinch your breast or tummy.
Holly |
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Very Happy Customer!!
Out of all the compression garments that I've tried, this one is by far the best! Fits perfectly and very comfortable. After getting promoted to a management position at my company, I started dressing in dress shirts and ties. This product looks just like an normal A-shirt under my dress shirts and does not stand out as a compression garment. It has helped with my confidence and helps with the way my dress pants fit around the waist. I purchased one in black and one in white. I like it so much that I am buying another pair so that I don't have to wash them as frequently. My original order was shipped very quickly and I have no complaints. Highly recommend to anyone!
Hannah |
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I love the tank its great
the product arrived on time. As expected the tank fit really well, im thinking of get a few more. will do business again
Crain |
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More than I expected!!
I have read a lot of "scam reviews" when it came to the hunt for a compression tank top.. After reading only the "amazon verified" reviews, I decided to take a chance.. I received the tank today and my exact words after opening it was "I God, I just wasted $20 on this crap" .. That was UNTIL I put the tank top on!!! My opinion completely changed instantly!!! I am IN LOVE with this product.. Now let me be the first to say, I lost almost 100 lbs over 10 years ago and still dont work out so I look like I have a little beer belly and my chest is not "flat" nor "defined with muscle".. I have always been self conscious of my chest and my love handles, especially when I wear t-shirts.. Well NOT anymore.. I put on the tank top, picked my smallest t-shirt out of my closet and put it on.. NO lumps, NO chest, and NO love handles... This tank top works but ONLY if you have "squishy" skin.. If you have one of those hard beer belly's that dont "give" when you push on it, then dont waste your time or money because it will not help.. As for the millions of people out there like me who just need everything flattened out and a "man chest" that needs just a little flattening, then do yourself a favor and BUY IT!!! I ordered a Small and the tank is a little tight but that is the point!! I was a little worried about if the tank retains heat and makes you sweat but its almost Fall/Winter so who cares about the heat, I have confidence when Im wearing this thing!!!
Hasmik |
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I just want to say that I'm really please with your fast delivery and sensational product!! I try to lose some belly and also lifting weights!! I can say that this black tank is GREAT!! AND I will buy I can wear my tight t shirts without the pot guys..i will review this product on my channel on youtube soon..a special video for you guys!!
Giovanni |
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Works really well!
Great shirt. You get used to the feeling after the first day if it's uncomfortable to you. I'm a large and I bought a medium but now I think I'll go back for a small and wear them together. I definitely recommend to flatten your tummy and give you confidence.
John |
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Not Bad at all!
For the price, these things are pretty good. I'm from the UK, So the postage was a fair amount more, however, after the exchange rate, these come out at around £16 each. For that, they hold you in brilliantly and have wide enough necks for the top button or two to be undone on a shirt. However, my only qualms is that they do untuck from trousers/pants quite easily as they are a slippery material, and that the ribbed edge means that, on occasion, they are visible under shirts. All in all, great for the price, thanks!
Gabe |
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this product is great its very comfortable and very light so, its not noticeable at all this is a product i would most definitely buy again. It also arrived really early, just as expected from Underworks.
Mindy |
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Everything I imagined it to be
I bought this expecting to be disappointed it wasn't what I was looking for, but it turned out to be EXACTLY what I had been shopping around for offline (to no avail, of course).

I am FTM, I'll put that on the table now; I'll be living with a host family abroad soon, so I was looking for something that I could wear around the house that'll still flatten my chest a bit because I can't be binding with the 997 at all times. Currently, I've been wearing a spandex camisole under a cotton one with a flimsy, built-in bra, and you want to know something funny? This microfiber compression tank both compresses better yet allows me to breathe better. Isn't that crazy?! I think it's because the built-in bra's hemline was digging into my ribs.

I've been wearing it for the past two days, and, as opposed to my aforementioned old undergarments, it feels like it's not even there sometimes. I love that. Before, if I were to lift up my sweater then let go, the material would probably cling to my chest, and I would have to pull it back down myself. Now? If I were to lift my sweater then drop it, it'd slip back down. Also, the sweater hangs from me now. HANGS. It doesn't cling to my figure because of the undergarments that weren't actually compressing me but just adding onto my fat. This probably has nothing to do with this thing, but I'm just so happy be without clunky layers for the first time since, like, elementary school lol (I'm 21).

Anyways, this thing's awesome. To anyone wondering if they should get it, here's some info: it feels like the material on a woman's bathing suit albeit thinner but somehow stronger. My chest measured 40 inches, which would make me a large, but I got a medium, and it's perfect. My chest is only a teeny bit noticeable, but it's better than what I was wearing before. I'm a B-cup, I think, and a little above average weight, so even a cisman would have the little bit of chest it gives me.
Guest |
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