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Underworks Zip-and-Trim

Courtesy of MSN - Underworks Compression tank tops can get rid of your spare tire

See what our Zip-n-Trim garments could possibly do for you!

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Get a flat tummy without surgery instantly!

Get a flat tummy without surgery wearing Underworks Compression garments

Look better in your clothes!

Womens Body Enhancers: Padded Briefs, Hip and Butt Shaper

Tavel light - Take these on your next trip!

100% Cotton Men Dispossable Underwear for men

Is it that time of the month? wear these!

100% Cotton Women Dispossable Underwear

100% Cotton disposable underwear

Light - Soft - Comfortable - Disposable

Perfect for:


Menstrual days

Hospital stays

SPA visits



Wear and discard

Underworks Maternity Support Garments - The Gently Support you need

Underworks catalog

Underworks products Catalog to Download

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Women slimming fashion tops

Underworks Women Sliming Fashion Tops

Cotton knit lace trimmed pettipants

Underworks 100% Cotton Lace Trimmed pettipants

Nylon tricot lace trimmed pettipants

Underworks Nylon Tricot Lace Trimmed Pettipants