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Mens Cotton Compression Concealer Tank Top

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 973
4.8 12
29.99 USD
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  • Cotton Spandex
  • Sizes - Measure Chest in Inches: X-small 28-31 / Small 32-35 / Medium 36-39 / Large 40-43 / X-large 44-47 / 2X 48-51 / 3X 52-55
  • Cotton look tank top has powerful binding inner panel for shapely look
  • Inner compression panel is undetectable
  • Breathable and light yet powerful and snug
  • Quality USA construction
12 Customers reviews
4.8 12
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Wow I have had lots of binders and compression garments over the years and this is the first that stays put no rolling up! Very comfortable I’ve worn it all day. I’m 5’5” and 190. Compresses were I want it nicely. Is it a little struggle to get on and off? They all are but this isn’t as bad as some and the little struggle is VERY worth it! I really like the double panel fabric as well…
Guest |
Skinny with bad gyno
I'm pretty skinny and have had horrible gynecomastia since my teens. Before I got this compression tank I've been wearing XL shirts and hunching to compensate(to the point I got spinal arthritis lol). The cotton concealer looks like a normal undershirt, just makes my pecs look bigger, and has done wonders for my self-esteem and posture. It cured my fear of properly fitting shirts lol.
Guest |
Faste shipping to France, good qualitie , perfect💖
Malicia |
Back pain solved
I have multilevel back, neck and shoulder pain and when I wear this shirt I feel like a different person. I feel great all day long. It takes a day or 2 to get used to it being so tight but once you get past that I doesn’t feel any different from other under shirts.
Guest |
great binder
I use this to bind my chest (afab transperson) and it does a great job flattening everything. I'm a 38DD--or maybe a little larger--and an XL works for me. I've used several different binders from Underworks. I think this is one of the more effective ones with the power rating for compression. Typically I use the ultimate chest binder tank because I need the extreme compression to actually flatten my chest. I was pleasantly surprised that this works just as well without the additional compression that can lead to additional discomfort by the end of the day. I love that this can be worn as a tank top. My one problem with it is the cotton layer is not as slippery a fabric as the nylon layer so it gets a little stuck taking it off over your head. Easily fixable with a little more practice.
Guest |
love it as my first binder
The package arrived within a week, which is impressive for postage to Australia. It's a little difficult to get on because my hips are very wide, the bottom of it tends to roll up a little when I move a lot or man-spread while sitting, and I'm prone to stomach pain so I probably shouldn't have gotten one that puts pressure on my midsection. Other than that, it's really stretchy and comfortable while I'm wearing it and it manages to flatten my 32DD chest to an A or B cup size, which does a lot to ease my dysphoria. And what little of it does show under a tank top doesn't look weird or anything so that's awesome.
Stephanie |
After several abdominal surgeries, I have been living with a large abdominal hernia.  This tank ha excellent compression that makes my hernia virtually disappear, giving me more confidence.  It's comfortable enough to wear all day.  I will definitely be buying more.
Ed |
I ordered both the Large and X-Large sizes of this model. The Large fit better, however if you have a big chest this is NOT a powerful binder to use to flatten your chest. In the description it is accurate that the fabric moves with you and it is very comfortable but if you have a large chest I would not recommend using this model for strong binding purposes. It is very comfortable though and id recommend using it around the house. Overall I believe the description was accurate of how it fits and comfortableness. I wouldn't wear it down the street or to workout though. (thats just my preference though). Really pleased with it and was very fast shipping. Would have been 5 star if it binded more better.
Todd |
Very Very Good!
This is great for ftm or transmasculine individuals, it flattens your chest and stomach and supports your back simultaneously. I would recommend sticking to the size guide provided, as I took the advice to get one size up and it did not have as much compression as I would have liked. But this is because I got a size too big for my chest. One thing I would change for sure is to have stronger compression around the chest than around the stomach. Overall this is a great binder though!
Emily |
Better than tri-top binder
For ftm this is a great option. I measured my chest and I was 33" so I ordered a small and it came super fast even to canada. Two days. Anyways, I took it out of the package and right away I knew their size measurement was a bit off. The small wouldn't even fit over my head or my legs. I am a very athletic guy who is skinnier than 90% of people my age. 16. Anyways, I recommend ordering a size up because a size up fits like the size it should be. So I am 33" and it was suggested I get a small. Instead I ordered a medi the second time. And it was much better. The material is also much better and it doesn't wrinkle up like the trip top does. Also low cut neck and low cut around the under arms. Not like super low just low enough that it doesn't run like the tri top. It would be a 5 star but the sizing threw me off.
alex |
Excellent---comfortable and effective
This binder is awesome, it is the only one I have ever found that works for me. I am a transsexual man, and I am quite thin but require a binder with strong flattening ability. This one works very well and it is also comfortable, no bruised ribs, doesn't put pressure too
This binder is made of a stretchy, very soft material, and I didn't expect it to be so effective, but it makes getting dressed far less depressing, and makes my chest completely flat (almost normal-looking!! I was stoked!).
I also use the tri-top binder sometimes, but it is not comfortable (that harsh, scratchy fabric, ugh) and has now been designated as the back-up binder if I don't have this one. This one has a low neckline too---the tri-top always seemed to be -just- slightly too out of proportion to be entirely invisible (not good for us who are stealth). I would have rated it all-star except that it only comes in a long version. Please make a short one!
Alex |
I've just ordered my third one of these, I've had both colors. They smooth everything out nicely and can be worn just as a tanktop with no self-consciousness. Awkward to get in & out of but all compression garments are. After 3 years they do start to give at the seams inside, no visible wear outside just a little less supportive. Highly recommended!
Breigh |