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Mens Cotton Concealer Compression Chest Binder Tank

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 988
4.9 16
39.99 USD
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  • Designed to be a strong ftm chest binder, gynecomastia support garment, or workout recovery garment for chest days
  • Firm compression across the chest and upper back, while leaving your tummy area unrestricted for maximum comfort
  • MADE IN THE USA - High quality construction and made with the finest materials for maximum durability and service to you
16 Customers reviews
4.9 16
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i absolutely love this binder!!! its super comfortable and not scratchy at all and it flattens really well. definitely recommend!!
Guest |
crying rn
I'm a trans man and I haven't been able to get a binder in about 5 years. I ordered my first from gc2b and it stopped fitting. My best friend got me a gift card for my birthday this year to order a new one and oh my god. I got it today and I ordered in on the 20th, but I do live in FL and it was shipped from Miami. I love this thing. It's breathable, soft, and I can even wear it just by itself if I wanted to. I love this thing, it's going to be so great to be able to hide my chest again.
Lin |
Beyond Happy!
I'm transmasc and have had a half-binder from another company for a few years, and though comfortable, it without fail started to make my ribs/sides hurt after only a couple hours of use which is very frustrating. I finally gave in and decided to try out Underworks instead and get a full tank binder to feel like I'm just wearing a compression tank top instead of something like a bra. I was immediately floored by how much it flattened my chest in comparison to my old binder. And I'm in absolutely NO pain after 4-5 hours of wearing it and I'm sure would be the same for the recommended number of hours to wear it. If I ever need another binder, I know where to go. Can't recommend it enough!!
Guest |
This is my first binder and I love it
It just came in the mail five minutes ago and omfg I love it. Thank you underworks
Guest |
Surprisingly Amazing (TransMasc)
I like this binder more than the Spectrum binder that a sibling let me try, the lining on the inside was just too rigid, it had an obvious seam in the middle, and the tank part would ride up all the way to the binder. I was initially worried that this would not bind as well as other binders, due to the website not being geared towards trans people, but I (A size C bra) am flattened really well! I have been using a random amazon binder that another sibling gave me for a while, it hurt my ribs under the breasts, and was very uncomfortable. After receiving this binder I finally realized just how bad my old binder was. It just feels like I am wearing a fitted undershirt, It's seriously amazing! The lining on the inside has a slight stretch to it, making it easier to put on as well. I wore this the entire day at work without the tank riding up, and without pain!
Guest |
Works very well for large chests
This is the first time getting an underworks binder and I am so incredibly happy that it actually binds very well on my G cup chest. I was worried about sizing since I've had problems with gc2b and sizing, with me measuring, ordering the size it told me, and then getting a binder that was way too big for me. But the sizing seems to fit well! It's a bit loose around my arms and shoulders but it doesn't seem to effect the binding, I'm okay with it considering I have broad shoulders and it feels comfortable and not tight like my old binders. The cloth that binds is very sturdy and I was worried it wouldn't feel comfortable but I feels like I'm wearing a tight tank top. It's a bit difficult to step into it and pull it up because it gets caught around my hips but I'm sure with practice and use it'll stretch out a bit and be more easier. I was also extremely surprised it got delivered to quickly when in used to having to wait at least a month for packages. I ordered it on the thirteenth and it came on the sixteenth. Overall I'm very happy I decided to buy this, it is definitely worth it
Guest |
great binder for transmascs!
i had a binder by your open closet for a long time and unfortunately it just didn't suit me. for reference, i usually wear 2x shirts (for comfort, they're big on me but fit better than 1x) and i bought this binder as a 1x. i was really worried at first as a plus size person because i knew the usual strategy of getting these on wouldn't work for me (going legs first and pulling it on like a pair of pants, just to your torso instead of your waist). i found flipping the binder inside out so the cotton liner was inside (touching your skin), and putting the binder over my head worked way better! just pull the cotton liner down first and then you can grab onto the actual compression part of the binder to cover your chest.
not to mention i ordered this on the 23rd and paid for standard shipping which is usually 7-14 days. however i got it 2 days later (the 25th, today) and i'm so pleased with the quality and the quick turnaround. i can see myself wearing this for a long time with proper care. thank you underworks <3
Guest |
This was my second binder but the first "full body" one and I cannot get over how much I love it. It takes three full inches off my bust but also looks almost totally flat. It's comfortable and easy to breathe in, and the fabric is soft. I love how you can tuck it easily into trousers as well - I usually layer it under things so I haven't yet worn it on its own but I plan to soon. Highly recommend.
Guest |
Best binder I've found
I'm a 5'4" 190lb. enby (nonbinary person) and this is a wonderfully comfortable binder.

It's not too tight when sized properly with the chart and provides even, comfortable compression. It doesn't even hurt after accidentally wearing it for too long.

I've recommended this binder to all my transmasc and nonbinary friends.
Guest |
Work great, let you breathe
My son is f2m age 14 now, and he's been using this binder for a few years now, starting when he needed XS and now I'm ordering XL for him.  He likes it because it does the job flattening his chest, while still letting him breathe freely with his stomach.  Definitely recommend!
Guest |
It really is excellent
I'm MtF trans but still presenting male for work. I used to buy the elasticated compression vests but they started tenting across the cleavage when my chest got bigger. This squashes my chest pretty flat, also allows my stomach to protrude a bit so I just look like a tubby male. The breathable cotton is extremely comfortable, can wear in hot weather. The best compression vest I've ever owned, now I've got three! And they arrive fast in a plain package.
Guest |
Pretty Amazing!
Just bought this binder today and i'm already in love with it. I am a ftm and my chest is 40 inches, so I got a large. I hate the binders that look like bras so im happy with this one because it looks like a tank top. However, I don't believe you can wear it on its own because you can still see the outline of your chest but in any shirt you'll look great! IHighly recommend!
Guest |
Good experience
5’11 and 160 lbs and a medium fit great. Had it for seven months and love it, but there are a couple years in the cotton around the seams :-/ looks like I’ll have to get a new one, but I did wear it practically every day.
Guest |
when i wear this binder, not only does it make me flat but it feels like i’m just wearing an undershirt!
Guest |
I love it. Its really easy to put on and its really comfortable, but the only bad thing is it makes my stomach look bigger but that's my problem I guess, I recommend this!!!
sarahi |
great choice for trans guys
5'9" and 120 lb skinny guy here and the XS size fits me great. Flattens the chest and makes my shirts fit much better. It's also very comfortable as it doesn't bind through the stomach just the chest area. I bought one a year and a half ago and I've been wearing it pretty much day in and day out (except when it's in the washer lol)and it's really holding up well. I'm back to buy 2 more so I can rotate wearing them. The binding gets looser over time but it tightens back up when you wash it.  
Liz |