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Compression Swimwear

To look and feel your best at the pool or beach, you need effective compression swimwear to keep your shape comfortably while you enjoy the water. Our tummy control swimwear is designed to give you the confident support you need to visit a water attraction with your friends or family. Our swimwear is designed to look like a normal racing suit, swim trunks, or swim tank from the outside while concealing the compression material that slims your body and offers the additional support your body needs. Forget the anxiety over summer pool parties or beach bashes.

Comfortable Compression Fun

Our compression swimwear is engineered to provide you with discreet, comfortable compression and support, wherever you need it.

  • Outer layers resemble the premium material used in popular swimming and racing attire, so you will always blend in.
  • Inner layers provide compression that helps shape your body, whether it’s flattening the chest, keeping your posterior firm and tight, or functioning as the tummy control swimwear you need to keep love handles hidden.
  • The swimwear provides SPF-50 protection from potentially harmful UV rays.
  • Seams are positioned to eliminate bunching for a smooth, tight appearance.
  • Swimwear covering the lower body has a comfortable inner pouch for gentle support.
  • Made in our factory right here in the USA.

Swim Confidently

Just because you need compression, doesn’t mean that anyone else needs to know. We specialize in discreet compression wear that works with your life. Call us today at 1-800-242-4224 if you have any questions about our compression wear or need help picking the right garment for the right purpose. Order your compression swimwear from us today!

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