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Postpartum Body Shapers

Your baby is here, but your body may need a little help from a postpartum body shaper as it heals. Our pregnancy shapewear provides the gentle compression and support your body needs to return to your daily life. This includes lessening pain, stabilizing joints, and gently contracting your muscle to start shaping and toning your stretched midsection. Hidden by normal clothes, this is the private and personal way to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes faster.

Back To Your Old Self

A quality postpartum body shaper works with your body to get your life back to normal. We’ve fdesigned our pregnancy shapewear to tackle the most common problem areas women experience after giving birth.

  • Single-use, disposable postpartum panties are made of lightweight polypropylene material with an absorbent and breathable cotton crotch. Alternatively, you could choose our disposable cotton undies, which are also great for travel and menstrual cycles.
  • Our waist cincher and binders are made of a special anti-microbial elastic that compresses your midsection to reduce movement and pain while stabilizing your lower back. These wide bands resist rolling or riding up and feature a secure closure for constant, steady compression.
  • The support brief and girdle uses spandex and nylon for compression while metal stays keep the girdle perfectly positioned exactly where you need it to support your tummy and back.
  • For maximum support from a postpartum body shaper, our support girdle gives you medical-grade compression from nylon and spandex while the comfortable cotton crotch strap offers additional support and an adjustable fit.

Helping You Enjoy Your New Blessing

There’s no single way to recover from giving birth, and we’re happy to help you find the style of garment that helps you recover the fastest. Call us at 1-800-242-4224 if you have any questions or if you need assistance choosing the right postpartum body shaper.

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50% Off! Maternity Postpartum Single Use Hipster Panties 3-PACK
  • Single Use Disposable: Use and Discard
  • Soft and breathable : made of Polypropylene material with move-with-you stretch
  • Cotton crotch
  • An invisible barrier helps to protect clothes and sheets from leaks
  • No hassle material
8-Inch Post Delivery Waist Cincher with Stays
  • Worn over or under a panty
  • Alleviates symptoms associated with post delivery stress and discomfort, flattening the tummy, supporting your lower back, and preventing pain.
  • Fits Current Dress Size: x-small 2 small 4, medium 6-8, large 10-12, x-large 14-16, 2x 18-20, 3x 22-24, 4x 26-29
  • Designed for quick post delivery reshaping and recovery
  • Metal stays provide stability
  • Made in USA
From 18.33
Open Bottom Girdle
  • Flatten your tummy, shape your hips, firm up your thighs in this fifteen inch open bottom girdle.
  • It features firm lace tummy panel and, and the patented circling bands.
  • Of nylon and Lycra® spandex.
From 28.33
Post Delivery Abdominal Binder 12-inch with Velcro Closure
  • Helps to restore your pre-pregnancy figure fast
  • Alleviates symptoms associated with post delivery stress and discomfort
  • Alattening the tummy, supporting your lower back, and preventing pain
  • 100% Cotton tummy sheet lines the Velcro to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Size - Measure Waistline: small 24-28 / Medium 30-36 / Large 38-44 / X-large 46-52 / 2X 54-60 / 3X 62-68
  • Made in USA
From 23.33
Post Delivery Abdominal Binder 6-inch with Velcro Closure
  • Spandex Nylon and Cotton
  • Size - Measure Post Delivery Waistline : Small-fits: 26-28-30-32-34-36-38-40-42 Large-fits: 48-50-52-54
  • Fastens with Velcro for wide range of size adjustability
  • 100% Cotton tummy sheet lines the Velcro to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Helps to restore your pre-pregnancy figure fast
  • Provides back support
From 11.33
Post Delivery Abdominal Binder 9-inch with Velcro Closure
  • Latex Free Elastic and 100% Cotton Sheet
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • FLATTENS YOUR TUMMY - RESTORE PRE-PREGNANCY FIGURE FAST - Velcro fastener lets you tighten the belt more and more as you quickly lose the weight in your belly
  • 100% COTTON LINING OVER YOUR BELLY OR INCISION - The belly band feels good against the belly area as only the cotton sheet touches your body
  • LATEX FREE ELASTIC - FORMALDEHYDE FREE - Free of any allergens that could cause irritation
  • Size - Measure Post Delivery Waistline : Small-fits: 26-28-30-32-34-36 Medium-fits: 38-40-42-44-46 Large-fits: 48-50-52-54
  • Made in USA
From 14.99
Post Partum Brief with Stays
  • Help you heal after delivery
  • Alleviates symptoms associated with post delivery stress and discomfort
  • Flat your tummy, support your lower back, and prevent pain
  • Metal Stays at the back provide stability
  • Made in USA
From 34.99
Post Partum Girdle
  • Spandex Nylon and Cotton
  • Size - Fits widest part of mid-section- Inches - Small 24-26 / Medium 28 / Large 30-32 / XL 34-36 / 2X 38-40 / 3X 42-44 / 4X 46-48
  • Measure fullest part of mid-section for size
  • Hook and Eye closure on crotch for adjustability and convenience
  • Firm Compession Girdle - Guaranteed to bring you back to shape
  • Double Zipper for easy on and off
Underworks Women's Firm Open Bust Shaping Tank
  • comfortable, shape your mid-section and will reduce inches from your waist
  • Open design for freedom of movement
  • Wear your own bra
  • Won't roll up
  • Made in USA