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Prenatal Supports

As you near the end of your pregnancy and your body undergoes physical changes in preparation for your baby’s arrival, a pregnancy belly band can give you the support you need to maintain a more active lifestyle. A maternity support belt or garment with an integral maternity belly band helps support your back and abdomen, decreasing back pain. These garments are easily hidden by maternity clothes and do not interfere with your daily activities, making your pregnancy a little more comfortable.

Best Belly Bands

You’ll love the way these garments help stabilize your changing body. Our maternity supports are safe for both you and your baby, so you can wear them with confidence as you keep up with your busy schedule.

  • Our maternity support garments and belts are completely washable and resistant to losing their shape.
  • Both our maternity belly band styles and all of our garments provide at least 3 inches of under-belly support.
  • Some garments include lumbar support pads for additional cushioning of the lower back. These pads are removable and, like our garments, washable.
  • Our belly bands are made of premium latex-free, wide-band elastic material that avoids rolling or riding up. Garments use a nylon-spandex fiber to provide additional support throughout the piece.
  • Belly bands help support your pelvic region and lower back. Garments also offer some stabilization to your hips, and some styles offer vaginal compression for varicosity relief. Choose the right level of support for your pregnancy.

Quality Maternity Care

Every pregnancy is different, so we offer a variety of support options to help you carry more comfortably. Call our customer service team at 1-800-242-4224 with questions about any of our maternity products. We want you to have the support you need from both us and our undergarments. Find the back-saving pregnancy belly band here at Underworks.

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