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Men Econo High Power Compression Chest Binder Tank

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 947
4.7 15
24.99 USD
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  • The compression tank top you need at a great value
  • Consistent shape and flat comfortable enough for all-day wear
  • Perfect for gynecomastia, a life transition, or just extra support
  • Made in our American factory of the highest quality materials
  • Easy to order using our standardized sizes: Sizes - Measure Chest: X-small 28-31 / Small 32-35 / Medium 36-39 / Large 40-43 / X-large 44-47 / 2X 48-51 / 3X 52-55
15 Customers reviews
4.7 15
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So good my work wife thought I had already had top surgery
I am a transgender man who has been medically transitioning for 3 years now, but haven't been able to afford top surgery, so I regularly wear this binder, mainly at work. I have a DD bordering on DDD sized chest, and my best friend at work, who regularly hugs me and headbutts me during our shifts, didn't realize I wear this binder during our shifts until today! She told me she assumed I just had normal pecs! I cannot recommend this binder enough, especially for plus sized transmascs/nonbinaries like me who have trouble finding binders that get you flat enough!
Guest |
Trans guy with POTS
This is perfect for me. It has a cotton lining that is soft. The gut compression does wonders for my POTS, and the chest compression is great for dysphoria. I dislike how some binders have a seam between the chest and gut, this does not. It rarely rolls up. My favourite binder
Marlin |
Perfect for transmasc binding
I'm a trans man with a large chest, especially in proportion to my shoulders, and I've always struggled with finding a binder that fits me. It's even worse because I have a chronic pain condition and a sensitive ribcage, so anything too tight can really hurt. This is the best binder I've ever had.

A lot of other binders have a compression panel only on the top half, with a visible line around the midriff, which a) makes it very visible as a chest binder and not a normal undershirt, and b) for me, just leaves part of my chest hanging out the bottom, uncompressed. This binder has the compression panel all the way down the front, so it doesn't have that problem.

It also manages to be just tight enough to compress without hurting. I don't know exactly how they manage that compared to other binders, but I think it's because the front panel doesn't stretch much and the back panel has just a little bit of give, so it fits more loosely while kind of smushing everything to be even. As opposed to a more spandex based material that's supposed to fit skintight.

It didn't bother me at all being scratchy, and I'm autistic with sensory issues and tend to notice things like that. I washed it before wearing it though, so if it's bothering you, maybe try that.

It is a bit long, but I like that to tuck it into my pants. If it's too long for you, it shouldn't be a problem to trim off the excess.

The only thing I can't vouch for is how it is in hot weather. I got mine in the fall and am writing this review in the early spring. I could see it trapping in heat. But that's just a given when binding, honestly.

Best of all, the product is labeled men's and I get it from the men's section!
Cyrus |
This binder is sooo good! It's breathable, comfortable (even for a bodytype like mine, which is very scrawny and long), looks like an undershirt & ships stealthily so it's very good if that's your purpose, and hasn't hindered my activeness at all! For reference, I'm very energetic and usually get rid of it by dancing, taking a run, walking around, etc and this has felt comfortable all the way. It is a bit long, even for me, and can roll up but it's still comfortable and you can tuck the excess into pants or cut it off. It's very cheap compared to other brands but will definitely exceed your expectations, and ships quickly.
Guest |
Still truckin' over a decade later!
I bought this binder when I was about 15-16ish for cosplay purposes, and I'm nearly 28. It did a phenomenal job, as I was chunky and had a pretty big chest at the time. This was a lucky break, as I would soon figure out that I was trans! I had to put it away for several years, as I was pushed back into the closet (long story) but it was still there for me when I came back out. Now I've been wearing it daily for 8-12 hours at a time for 3.5 years. After several times taking in the excess fabric where it had stretched and I lost a lot of weight, I decided to get a GC2B binder. It sucked in comparison! Hated it! So I went back to ol' reliable and added in an additional back panel to reinforce where the fabric had stretched out from excessive use. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep repairing this guy so I'm saving up to buy several new ones and I'm so excited.

Pros: comfortable, breathable, stealthy, affordable, best damn binder I've ever had.
Cons: was a bit long for me which is wild considering my freakishly long insectoid torso BUT I appreciated it a lot because I could tuck the excess into my Spanx. I later cropped this to a bit longer than a typical sports bra because of how dramatically my chest shrunk. This fixed the rolling up issue, as well.

I've seen some "it's scratchy" complaints in the reviews. I don't remember how it felt when I got it, but trust me, guys, it gets way softer after ~12 years.
Guest |
Love it!
First impressions, might update after a week or so.
This is a really good binder if you're searching for something both affordable and effective. It also arrived quite quickly, considering the time we're in.
The binder itself is basically unnoticable once you put on a t-shirt or something similar, and if it is seen, it can be easily taken for a tank top. The material it's made from feels like a trampoline but it's not noticeable after you put it on. The compression panel inside is soft and comfortable and it does a good job of hiding your chest, especially if it's around an A or B cup (speaking from experience). When you first put it on, your chest isn't perfectly flat but it looks much better once you put on a shirt. Personally, I find it easier to pull it over my head, as opposed to stepping into it like the instructions say, but it's different for everyone.
The bottom of the binder rolls up a bit when you sit down or slouch, but not enough to be noticeable or uncomfortable. The straps pinch your underarm a bit, which may give the impression of fat, but so far I haven't had any discomfort, nor is it noticeable under my shirt.
Compared to my binder from gc2b, this one is cheaper, binds better, and is less noticeable, but the material is rougher (not uncomfortably so, and it doesn't irritate my skin.)
adrian |
its the best!
One of the best purchases i´ve ever made i am really happy for this shirt second time bying it it really changed my look thank you!
Daniel |
A Little Disappointed
Not a terrible binder, but not great either. Didn't do as much as I wanted to help flatten my chest but just enough to let my dysphoria talk me into keeping it. The whole tank is compression so it's nice to have it help in the tummy area too. The part that touches your chest is soft, but the arm holes are scratchy. Immediately out of the package it looked like it had been returned by someone because it has white deodorant like streaks on it, so that's not cool. There's also some weird sewing defect going on up top on the scooped neck. It's like someone pulled the stretchy fabric too tight while they were sewing it so when it was done it pulls a bit and leaves a much more noticeable line under your shirt.There seems to be some quality issues going on and as much as I've heard about this company I expected better. With the other reviews it seems like maybe I just got unlucky. I'd send this back but it isn't worth the hassle and I need a binder.
Guest |
Please, Please, Please !!!!!....I beg you, do not wait, purchase this Immediately!!!
Please, Please, Please !!!!!....I beg you, do not wait purchase this Immediately!!!
I was extremely skeptical about this product. Especially for the price. I waited so long tormenting myself on if I should purchase this product. It has been life changing for me. I am a male that suffers from type 7 Gynecomastia. I can finally wear shirts with confidence. very comfortable and true to size. keeps everything in place and as a previous reviewer stated "feels like your getting a great big hug from the shirt". Amazing just amazing. I will soon be purchasing many more. Best $20 I have spent.  Especially considering surgery will cost well over 10K dollars.
Guest |
I got this because I had gastric bypass and have lots of extra skin around my chest and stomach areas. I was doubtful about the shirt when I first opened it and was like "Oh I just got scammed." That all changed when I actually put the shirt on.
It took a little effort to get it to go on, but holy mackerel..what a difference! I honestly feel like I'm getting a giant hug from this tank. The compression is unreal! True to what the site says, you can't see this tank under your clothing. Truly impressive!!
Guest |
So comfortable!!
I haven't had mine for terribly long, but this binder is sooo comfortable. The material in the front is soft and provides a good amount of pressure to hide even a large chest. It doesn't completely hide a large chest, but it works surprisingly well.

My job requires a great amount of walking, running, bending, etc. And I have to say that even in triple digit weather running around, this binder held up and remained *so comfortable*. It is breathable and doesn't retain moisture terribly.

Tip: If your binder rolls up, buy some shirt stays!! I use these and they work so well.
Sea |
Long lasting!
I've had one of these for 2 1/2 years and the only reason I'm getting a new one is because I outgrew mine
Guest |
Pretty good
I've had two of these for the past years for binding (FtM) and the first one lasted 3 years and ripped in the lower left back, not sure why. My second one lasted me 2 years and ripped in the same spot, again not sure why but other than that they did last a while and are super comfortable.
Guest |
as good at the ultimate binder
So I got this one to try when I got a bit of extra money. It works good. As good as the ultimate chest binder tank I usually buy for daily wear. Bit itchy though so an under shirt would be recommended.
Guest |
Pure Awesomeness
I got this for binding (FTM) and it is awesome!
It's comfortable and works great, plan on getting another once the one I got wears out.
Guest |