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Mens Compression Sleeveless Swim Top

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 918
4.8 32
44.99 USD
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  • Perfect for riding a jet ski or catching some waves
  • Shapes and forms your body for flat, masculine lines
  • Perfect choice for limiting curves due to gynecomastia
  • UV-resistant microfiber fabric provides SPF 50 protection
  • Looks great paired with our matching Compression Swim Shorts
  • Quality USA construction
32 Customers reviews
4.8 32
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Great swim binder
Love  this swim binder i am ftm  the only  thing I would change is to have a  full zipper to make it easier to get out of when wet or when  having a asthma attack
Guest |
Got it for swimming but I wear it all the time now. Allows for a really comfortable range of movement. Really secure, allows you to forget about it while wearing. Same fit and length as the basic tank, but somehow more comfortable.
Guest |
It's great!
It's the best swim binder I've ever tried. It's comfortable and looks so good.
Guest |
i love this binder, i don’t wear it just for swimming- i wear it in my day to day life bc i can wear it under anything. the zip is really helpful when i have panic attacks i don’t have to struggle pulling it up over my head, i can just unzip for as long as i need
Guest |
Great binder
Great binder, excellent compression
Guest |
Doesn't bind extremely well, but comfortable.
I bought this to use in the pool when with friends as a replacement for just wearing a gc2b binder and a t-shirt. The top itself is very very comfortable, but it doesn't bind as well as I expected. For my fellow ftms, the top also is a very tight fit and will wrap around your body, so it will accentuate your hips, too. I've decided I'm just going to wear it and put my usual swim shirt on top, which works much better than my gc2b binder. I would recommend for other transmen to at least try it out, its definitely comfortable and feels very nice on the skin, worth the price.
Richard |
Buying a Second Time
I'm buying this for the second time.  The first time I bought it was 6 or 7 years ago.  I swim a lot in lakes, ocean, rivers, and swimming pools and it stands the test of time.  It is very comfortable, more comfortable than a regular binder because the material is soft and a little thicker.  It's pretty warm and works well for swimming in cold water, I tend to overheat with it on in hot water after 10-15 min.  

The old one is still wearable, but I swam along the bottom of a pool and scuffed it about a year ago and the scuff is growing noticeable.  I didn't even consider looking for something else, I want the exact same thing.  

It works great.
Guest |
For my dear gc2b users!
I was told to buy a size up, don't do this! I have a medium when it comes so gc2b binders so I bought a Large, but It's wayyyy to big! Just order your normal size! For the rest, it fits well and I thing when my actual size gets here, it would also bind well. It got here (Europe) within a week! So I definitely rate this a 5 stars!
Guest |
Compresses the chest good enough, but doesn't give you a 100% flat look. (I'm a 34C).
However, it compresses about half of my chest size, also it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. You can actually breathe with this thing on.

The downside is that it doesn't really compresses your stomach well lol.

I would had loved to get more compression, but this is good enough for the comfort it gives.
Maria |
For reference I use to wear 34A in bra size and use a medium gc2b half binder. I chose the large underworks because when swimming/training you should always go a size up. The binder is really good, breathable and binds well even if I'm a size up. I was able to swim freely with it. I was able to go to the gym with it too. Worth the shot! Summer, here I come!
Loup |
A Must Buy!
I bought this binder for my trans boyfriend and let me just tell you he is in love with it! The way his face lit up upon trying it really made me happy. It fits good, breathable, and all around amazing. I was nervous it wouldn’t be as good in water but we tested it out in the shower and he loves it even more now. We’re going on a trip soon and we planned to go swimming. He is now ready to enjoy the water and have an awesome time! Thank you, Underworks!
Guest |
Very good and high quality! Highly recommended!
I literally just got my swim binder and I have fallen in love already. I spent the extra 20$ for overnight shipping and surprise surprise, it was here the next day. I got the blue-on-black and boy howdy, does this thing work like a charm. I have been needing one of these for a while, considering my dysphoria has gotten quite out of hand, and this has been a life saver. Being a pre-everything dude that likes to swim was always terrible, but now I can finally enjoy it again. I've been playing this binder up, even if it may have some flaws. The seams are a bit itchy and it's a bit tough to get over the hips, but the itching will stop when you get in the water (my competitive swimmers will know the absolute joy of tight, itchy swimsuits) and it might just be that I have huge hips. Overall, though, I highly recommend this binder, albiet a bit pricey. It's definitely worth the money if you can afford it though! It does it's job as a swim binder, and that's how it should be!
CJ |
not bad, not the best
i'm a trans guy with a bigger chest and i usually wear a rash guard over this and am still not as flat as i would like, plus it kind of chafes. maybe i should've ordered a size bigger but it's not a bad binder for swimming and it dries quickly enough
Guest |
9/10 would recommend
The shipping was really fast! Mine came in two days after I ordered it. I tried it on and it provides some
flatness to my chest but my chest looks flat with a shirt on. I plan on wearing a rash guard over it because without one, my chest is still somewhat visible.
Guest |
Works Great As An Everyday Binder!
I originally bought this binder to swim in, but quickly learned it was the best, most comfortable binder I've ever used for everyday binding!!
Shannon |
In all seriousness, it is indeed amazing. For a decade I had avoided pools and beaches as much as I could, I hadn´t realized how much I actually missed it until I finally could go and enjoy it once again once I got this binder. It sits comfortably once you manage to put it on, and gets you flat and nice. It can ride up though, or at least mine does probably thanks to my body type, but nothing that can´t be easily solved. This is one of the best purchases I´ve made, definitely!
Victoria |
Game changer
Overall very good.

Was a bit of a stretch for me and my partner (~£45 each binder) as we needed something for the pool whilst on holiday. So we got one each.

Just treat it like swim shorts by rinsing it after every use. Can be a bit difficult to get out of when wet but that could in part be due to them being new.

Surprisingly fast shipping which was great. (New binder excitement took hold and the packet was ripped open) Sizing was perfect and the same as our regular binders from UW

Really good level of compression and comfortable for exercising in. The seams on the inside and at the armpits can dig in quite a lot on the first couple uses. The care label was uncomfortable but easy to remove.

In the future we'd probably get something with short sleeves as our shoulders are a bit of an anxiety point. But in the meantime we can wear tops at the poolside.

The swimming binders have been such a hit that we've taken up swimming at the local swimming pools. Something we were previously unable to even think about doing
ZeEk |
Worth every penny
I've never been more comfortable and confident with myself at the beach. The binder keeps my chest  super flat without restraining my movement or breathing. Definitely would recommend
Nicole |
Love it!
Shipping was awesome, it got here in under a week. It compresses great but feels looser then my actual binder. But if your out of shape be prepared for tightness in the stomach because the entire suit compresses.
Kody |
Even for everyday use
I've had the binder for a week now. I didn't go swim with it yet but I wear it sometimes in my day to day life. It bins very well and I look like I have the chest of a fit cis male (small pecs). I like that it has a zip because if I feel like I have a bit of trouble breathing, I can take a bathroom break and unzip it for a few minutes. The high end of the zip is slightly showing on very tight shirts though and doesn't work with V-necks. Also I am a trans guy who doesn't sweat much (yet) and is cold most of the time but sometimes it gets a bit warm with it on.
Michele |
Big sizes too!
I'm a big guy and needed a binding suit to swim in.  I was skeptical at first due to the cost, but spent the money anyways.  My first summer using this was wonderful.  I felt I could be myself and swim with no issues.  Well made, a little lose on top for me, but not too bad.  I'm very happy with the quality.
Daifallah |
Exercise Binder
(Reviewer; Upper-med chest size)
Need a binder to exercise in, but don't want to ruin the ones you've got (or pass out) - then here you go.
That rarest of all things, a binder you can get on and off. Easy enough to wash without it rolling too.
While it's pretty good, it's not going to be a miracle worker, it'll work as well as a normal binder (but feels more breathable) and no more, so if you've got a larger chest, I'd invest in a swim shirt/rash guard too. Then you'll be grand.
As a word of warning, if you're between sizes on this one, I'd definitely go up (which we all know we should do, but sometimes don't), especially if your stomach usually gets compression from a binder too. The compression on your chest'll be about the same, but you'll be able to breathe freely and not end up having stomach pains and problems from it being squeezed down too much.
If you're not sure about the size when you get it, remember you'll be /exercising/ in this thing, looking good is one thing, passing out another - stay on the safe side.
Rowan |
Great buy
It feels so good to be able to swim again. Makes me look flat with a shirt on and feel confident on the beach and in the pool.
Stevie |
I absolutely love this swim top! It actually works better at binding then my regular binder i bought here. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to swim comfortably and bind there chest.
Shun |
Great buy!!
I bought this at the beginning of the year and was finally able to use it just last week. It's very comfortable while swimming and the compression is amazing. As someone with a larger chest it's nice to look down and not see my chest for once. Easy to take off after a long swim. Definitely would recommend!!
Arun |
Fits well, although I did have a bit of a worry when I first tried to try it on. Don't try to pull it over your head, step into it! It compresses well. Though some advice, it does take some getting used to considering it's quite tight!
Mary |
I'm a transgender and FINALLY I can not be embarrassed about my chest when I go out to swim. I haven't tried it out in the water yet but I am wearing it now and I can breathe great and I look at myself with confidence. I'm so glad that this is a thing.
Erin |
I love, love, love the water.  But being trans made it hard to be comfortable in my skin while swimming.  This gave me my confidence back, thank you Underworks for giving the trans male community real options.
Shane |
I just got this today and I have been wearing it. It feels so soft and comfortable and can be used as a regular binder. Just be careful as always! With a shirt on top you can't even tell I have boobs!
Chelsea |
Great Swim Top
Just received swim top in black-Black and first impressions are great! Great quality binder for an FTM like myself and very comftable! Would recommend!
Megan-Josephine |
Very Good!!
Really quick shipping even for a different country. Very good quality and good fit even with a big bust. I didn't use yet at the swimming pool but I'm excited to do it!
Karli |
What I needed
This is exactly what I needed to feel more confident going swimming. I will confess that I do wear a rash guard over it still, but it's much easier to manage getting off than my traditional binder of which I used to use. I love swimming - and now after 5+ years of avoiding the water, you can find me in the pool 3 times a week!
Taous |