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Get a Headstart on Your New Year's Resolution with Classic Shapewear!

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The holiday feasts are over, the eggnog is gone, and the new year is here, and along with it your New Year's resolution. Before you starve yourself dieting or give all your free time to a new gym membership, resolve to work smarter this year with classic shapewear. Slimming compression garments can help you meet your goals of a brand new you.

How Shapewear Helps You Accomplish Your Resolution

If you're like many New Year's resolutioners, you set a commitment to lose weight, get in better shape, or both. You may have even tied your resolution to a solid goal, like looking better at the beach or fitting into a little black dress. Slimming undergarments can help you meet your goals more efficiently in three distinct ways.

men's compression suit First, shapewear supplies compression to give your body a toned, flatter appearance. This does a lot more than make your clothes fit better. It helps you wear your favorite outfits with extra confidence. This new found positive outlook can help you succeed in sticking to a diet or workout plan to capitalize on the progress you've made and will make you happier with your overall results.

Second, compression gear helps train your muscles to compress more efficiently, providing extra support during your workouts. This extra support leads to fewer aches and pains while lowering your risk of serious injury. With classic shapewear, you can workout harder for a longer amount of time.

Last, compression clothing aids recovery time. The same slight muscle compression that helps you exercise more efficiently helps those muscles recover faster. The additional support means they are forced to work less to stabilize your recovering body. In all, compression wear may be one of the most important pieces of gym equipment you can buy.

What to Look for in Your Garments

Whether you're looking for slimming undergarments or compression outerwear, there are a few things you need to consider when making your selection.

men's compression suit

  • Style - Some slimming compression garments are meant to fit under your clothes, giving you hidden support and shaping. Others are made to be worn as undergarments or outerwear, with a design that mimics contemporary athletic or "athleisure" wear. Whichever you choose, you'll want to make sure the cut supports how you intend to wear the garment.
  • Material - Classic shapewear usually comes in a mixture of 3 primary materials: Nylon, a synthetic material that has fibers that don't stretch and resist deforming, but can be woven into a material that stretches based on the weave; spandex, an extremely stretchy synthetic material that returns to its original shape; and cotton, a natural fiber that is soft to the touch, absorbent, and breathable. The way these materials are combined will directly impact the compression and comfort you get from your garment.
  • Firmness - Some gear provides extremely firm compression to flatten curves and provide the most support possible, while other garments offer a lighter level of compression. Generally, the higher the compression your classic shapewear provides, the shorter the amount of time you should remain in your shapewear, but lower compression levels are great for all-day wear. The right mix for you depends on your intended use and comfort level.

The Best Garments for You

  • The Tank Top - The tank tops are great for around the house or as slimming undergarments beneath casual or business attire. The straps ensure it hides nicely under even short-sleeve shirts, and it's a familiar form that no one will think twice about, even if they see an outline. This classic shapewear staple for both men and women provides control and support through your chest, midriff, and love handles.
  • Short Sleeve Excellence - The short sleeve shirt is another versatile garment suitable for both inner or outerwear. Men and women alike use t-shirts as casual clothing, gym wear, and undergarments. For athletic activities, t-shirts give additional support through the shoulders and upper back when compared to tank tops, while still looking comfortable and relaxed.
  • microfiber compression boxers Boxers, Briefs, And Boy Shorts - Strictly undergarments, these pieces provide more shaping and support than your standard underwear. These classic shapewear pieces shape your buttocks, hips, upper thighs and lower stomach, depending on their length. Men can find familiar cuts like boxer briefs, while the popular female equivalent, boy shorts, give women discreet shaping too.
  • Bodysuits - Men looking for an all-in-one shaping solution might prefer a compression bodysuit. The top of these suits is designed to fit like a tank top, while the bottom provides control as far down as the knees on some styles for a total shaping solution. The result is slimming undergarments that hide perfectly under clothing, fit like familiar undergarment choices, but provide additional support from shoulder to leg cuff.
  • Body Shapers - Men who are after that elusive macho figure should consider a girdle or body shaper. While these have long been considered classic shapewear, that does not mean they are the same as the girdles your grandma wore. Modern body shapers come with cute patterns, garter clips, and all the control you could want. These garments help shape your tummy, down through your buttocks and hips to your thighs, making them a popular choice for women who need a little extra help recovering from the changes their body went through during pregnancy.

There's a Compression Garment for You

Classic shapewear can be the first step to a fitter, healthier you in the new year. Be honest with yourself about your goals, the help you need reaching them, and what you need from compression garments, and you'll find the perfect aide for your new lifestyle at Underworks!

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