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Get a Headstart on Your New Year's Resolution with Classic Shapewear!
The holiday feasts are over, the eggnog is gone, and the new year is here, and along with it your New Year's resolution. Before you starve yourself dieting or give all your free time to a new gym membership, resolve to work smarter this year with classic shapewear. Slimming compression garments can help you meet your goals of a brand new you.
How Posture Support Compression Garments Can Help Your Back Pain
Back pain does't have to be something you silently suffer through when you have the posture support and correction you need for better alignment. As we age, the years take their toll. Illness, softball league injuries, and slouching through meetings-that-should-have-been-emails all take their toll on our back. Our spine supports us best when properly aligned, but it's easy to fall out of the hab+-it of good posture. That's where Underworks' compression garments for back pain can help.
How to Make that Little Black Dress Even Better with Compression Garments for Women
Every woman has a little black dress they save for special occasions like date nights, parties, and social events. If that LBD is feeling a little too tight, compression garments for women can give you the sleek, toned look that will make sure it looks as amazing as ever. With a body shaper to wear under dresses, you can still wear your little black ensemble without any bulges or odd bunches.
Get the Body You Want for Holiday Pics Today with Body Shaper Undergarments
It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here, and it’s time for a relaxing, stress-free season--unless you've put on a few pounds since last year’s pictures, found out your little black dress is a bit too tight, or have that one cousin who always has to point out her smaller waistline (Carbs are ok sometimes, Karen!). Don’t worry. With the right body shaper undergarments, you can have a happy ho-ho-holidays without your belly reminding anyone of a bowl full of jelly.
The Materials Behind Underworks' Best Compression Gear
Without modern compression clothing material, compression gear wouldn’t be as popular as it is today. Most people, however, have only a cursory understanding of what compression clothing is made of, and how these materials influence the fit and firmness of their garments. While cut and crafting definitely have a part in the process of making pieces that apply the right compression to the right parts of your body, the materials used are at the heart of a compression garment’s effectiveness.
The Benefits of Compression Hernia Support Briefs
When part of your bowel pushes through your abdominal wall, it’s excruciating. This loop of bowel, if left untreated, can become trapped, leading to further complications. Painful inoperable hernias are especially hard to live with but, with the appropriate compression garments, you can experience less pain and fewer complications. Support briefs, hernia trusses, or abdominal supports can help stabilize your weakened abdomen and help you heal.
How to Wear Your Compression T-Shirt Like a Pro
It’s easy to see why so many people love to wear a compression t-shirt. A short sleeve compression shirt, for example, is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, perfect either as an undershirt or as a sleek, fitted overshirt. The right compression gear gives you plenty of support in a comfortable tee that also shapes your torso for a flatter, more pleasing look. Here’s how to pick and wear compression shirts that will keep you cool and comfortable!
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