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How Posture Support Compression Garments Can Help Your Back Pain

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Back pain does't have to be something you silently suffer through when you have the posture support and correction you need for better alignment. As we age, the years take their toll. Illness, softball league injuries, and slouching through meetings-that-should-have-been-emails all take their toll on our back. Our spine supports us best when properly aligned, but it's easy to fall out of the hab+-it of good posture. That's where Underworks' compression garments for back pain can help.

Talk to Your Doctor

For many people, compression wear can offer the posture support needed to lower back pain, but it's not for everyone. If you've had back surgery or been diagnosed with a serious back ailment, speak to a back specialist about using compression garments as part of a comprehensive treatment strategy. This blog is not meant to diagnose a medical condition or offer medical advice specific to your unique condition.

The Proper Alignment of Your Body

A healthy person's back is designed to support the weight of their upper torso comfortably. When your vertebrae start to shift out of alignment for extended periods of time, such as when slouching in an office chair, it puts stress not just on the other vertebrae but on the surrounding muscles as they take up the workload in an attempt to offer posture support. This can lead to muscle fatigue, pinched nerves, and deformities that could become permanent. To avoid this, you need to be mindful of your body positioning.

  • Spine - The spine or backbone should remain centered between the right and left sides of your body, you want to see it curve outwards toward your shoulders, in toward the small of your back, and then back outward near your hips. This gentle curve creates the support and shock absorption you need. a compression girdle for women
  • Shoulders - When you keep your shoulders up and back, you're providing the posture support your upper back needs. When done properly, this pushes your chest up and out in the opposite direction, creating balance and weight distribution and helping relieve pressure on your diaphragm for deeper, more relaxed breathing. This is true whether you're standing, walking, or sitting.
  • Hips - Your hips should be centered bilaterally and positioned farther to the rear than the small of your back. This gives you the lower back curve through your lumbar area that prevents pain, misalignment, and nerve injuries. When sitting in a chair, placing your hips directly against the chair back will help you find the right hip position.
  • Knees - While standing, keep your knees slightly bent for better circulation and to keep the weight distribution in your hips for better posture support. If you're sitting, try to keep your knees at a 90° angle with your feet flat on the floor.

How Compression Garments for Back Pain Can Help

Compression garments are made from materials that stretch but resist losing their shape. This results in the even, consistent compression of your muscles, which lends you additional joint support for proper alignment and helps your muscles contract better and more efficiently. It also subtly shapes your body, flattening curves from soft tissue, such as love handles.

Compression wear helps back pain in three ways:

posture corrector shirt
  • Increased structural support - By encouraging proper alignment, you decrease the chance of injury due to poor posture. A compression top will help keep your shoulders up and back with the proper spinal curvature, even when you aren't thinking about it.
  • Less Muscle Fatigue - The compression material remains partially tensioned while you wear it. This reduces the need for muscle support, lowering the risk of fatigue or strains.
  • Faster Healing - After an injury or surgery, weakened muscles don't just ache, they provide less stability. Proper posture support gives them assistance so they can heal and recover faster.

The Best Compression Wear for a Better Back

When choosing the right compression garments for back pain, consider how they will support the areas you need help with.

  • The All-In-One Solution - If you are looking for support through your hips all the way to your upper back in a single garment, an Ultimate Compression Binder Tanksuit is a great choice. Easy to get into and out of, this works to keep your hips, shoulders, and spine properly aligned all at once. microfiber compression shirt for men
  • Discreet Lower Back Support - If you find your lumbar or sacral area aching at the end of the day, the problem could be in your hips or a more slouched sitting posture. A support brief, such as this 3-inch Men's Slip-On Brief or Women's Control Brief, can give you the posture support you need to gently align your hips and encourage the proper curve through your lower spine.
  • Upper Back And Shoulder Support - For better support through your upper back and shoulders, consider a compression t-shirt. Available for both men and women, microfiber compression shirts give firm compression for great support. Best of all, they work as a fitted overshirt or an undershirt that is indistinguishable from a standard tee.
  • Proper Breast Support - Many women experience pain through their shoulders and upper back due to bras that just aren’t doing their job. A compression bra or binder offers the support you need without the loss of shape that causes other bras to let you down.

Live Your Life With Less Pain

Better posture support could be your ticket to a life with less pain. If you have any questions about how our garments can support your body’s needs, call us 1-800-242-4224. Order your compression garments for back pain from Underworks and start walking tall again.

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