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Mens Compression Bodysuit with Rear Zipper

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 956
4.9 15
52.99 USD
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  • INSTANTLY FLATTENS THE CHEST AND TORSO, SHAPES HIPS AND THIGHS - Special cut moves the bulges and gives you the shape you want
  • DOUBLE COMPRESSION PANEL TARGETS PROBLEM AREAS - Soft internal lining feels good on your skin and provides the firm compression you want
  • SPECIAL DESIGN MAKES IT INVISIBLE - No visible lines throughout the front. Seams extend to the back to cover your sides and flatten the spare tire providing you the firm look you seek
  • Sizes: Measure Chest in Inches: Small 34-38 / Medium 39-43 / Large 44-48 / X-large 49-53 / 2X 54-58 / 3X 59-63 / 4X 64-128
  • MADE IN THE USA - High quality construction and made with the finest materials for maximum durability and service to you
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4.9 15
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Product reviews for
"Compression Bodysuit with Rear Zipper"
Guest |
Great bodysuit
I bought one since I was looking for compression tights and shirts. This suit does both and feels great.  I wear this and compression socks.  The quality of the suit is outstanding .  I would recommend these garments to anyone with swelling legs.
Dennis |
Incredible product
I just received mine and tried it on. It took a while (and my wife's help) to get it on...but once I did, WOW! What a huge difference. Shirts that wouldn't come close to buttoning now do so comfortably and look great, my love handles don't push my pants down...its awesome. I had the gastric sleeve and lost about 140 pounds, have about 50 pounds left to go but my body is a bit of a flabby mess. This undergarment corrects almost everything. I felt much more confident in my clothing and appearance.

The only issues I have with it are that the shoulder straps are so rough and cut into my shoulders a bit (could use softer fabric there) and the zipper, once going to stay unzipped. Other than that, it's awesome. Highly recommend you give it a try. The measurements and sizes are correct, too. If you normally wear a 2x and the site recommends medium don't worry...its correct.
Guest |
An absolutely awesome product!!!
Thank you so very much underworks as you've changed my life forever.  I never have written a review on anything thing that I've purchase good or bad, but this product is so deserving.  For anyone on the fence about getting these items, do it!  What an absolute confidence booster.
Guest |
Very comfortable!
This is my first compression garment and it feels very comfortable. At first it was a bit of a struggle to get it on but it gets easier every time. I'm 6'2" and not a big guy but simply wanted to conceal those first little bulges that come with aging. The suit does exactly that.

It does take some time getting used to it. The overall compression feels quite intense at first but in a few days my confidence wearing the suit increased and I was totally fine having it under my regular clothes.

The only downside for me so far is that the suit is a little bit too short for me on the torso part. The shoulder straps start digging into my shoulders slightly after a few hours. And I already pull it up as much as comfortably possible. I could size up but I'm worried that it won't compress my chest and belly as much. If Underworks could design a somewhat taller version (and possibly eliminate the seems at the top of the straps) that would definitely make it a 5 star for me!

On the practical side it's great too. It's not too hot (and I live in a warm place), and it doesn't restrict motion. It does kind of force me to sit up straight because the belly part pushes inward when slouching which isn't that great especially after a meal. I see that as a positive side effect as it forces a better posture. Stand-up bathroom visits are hassle free. Next time I probably order the version without the zipper. For those rare occasions it would be just as fine to simply take it off. The zipper is not really in the way but it does become noticeable from under short shirts when sitting down or when lifting my arms. Just wear longer shirts when that's a concern. To be honest I don't care so much anymore if people would notice and I doubt people pay attention to those details anyway.

A slight modification I would like to see is to have the compressing fabric go higher up my inner thighs. Where it stops the fat tissue bulges out a bit and that makes walking a bit funny. So perhaps for a new version the cotton pouch should mostly be on the front of the suit and not all the way through to the back.

I'm considering to buy the chest binder tanksuit as well. It compresses even more, it has wider shoulder straps and the legs are shorter so I could also wear it with shorts. I could buy just a shirt for that instead but I'm worried about it riding up all the time and I don't want it to be a constant distraction. So I'll be sticking to suits for the time being.
Guest |
Excellent binder
I've been looking for a binder that smooths out my chest AND legs for a while and this bodysuit does an awesome job of it! Though I've found that it's somewhat difficult to get in and out of the binder, it's absolutely perfect once you get it on.
Rebecca |
Fantastic Product
I had ordered the XL thinking it would be a little snug. It fits great, not really compressing anything. It is very comfortable and my crotch isn't hot at all. I love it and just ordered another one a size smaller.
Jonathan |
Very comfortable!
This feels great under clothes!

Although, I think when I order more, I'm going to get the ones without the zipper. I find it easier to just pull it down, I thought that might be difficult in a public bathroom, but it was really no big deal.

If sit-down business is your primary concern, then get the Compression Tanksuit. The snaps make that much easier. However, If stand-up business is more of a concern for you, then get these! The snaps are awkward in that situation.

If you are worried about both situations, then get the Compression Body Shirt! All three are built the same from the waist up. And they're all great in their own way. I have all 3 now. The Body Shirt has plenty of length for tucking (and I'm 6'1"), but I do like that the suits will absolutely stay down!
Robert |
Excellent! Relieved my back pain!
Great product! Bought one and after a week I ordered a 3-pack! My upper and lower back pain is gone! And I look better!  The only complaint I have is that the rear zipper doesn't allow for bathroom use at all! For the zipper to properly allow for the male anatomy to function in a sitting position on the toilet it will have to be lengthened to include the entire seam  on the front of the crotch pouch and open from front to back serve as a fly as well as "back door"! Do that and the garment will be a perfect five stars in my book!
Liza |
Post Bariatric Surgery
I have lost 145 pounds in 9 months.  I started wearing these about a month after surgery.  I went from 317 lbs to 172 lbs, current weight.  Obviously I have loose skin from such a rapid weight loss.  The bodysuits make a world of difference.  I also wear the v-neck compression shirt over the body suit sometimes.  I have ordered sizes from XL, L, and M size.  Today I am ordering the S.  Great products!
This Bodysuit is like magic!
I purchased my first ever bodysuit 6 months ago, and a second one today. I read countless reviews written by consumers, before ultimately making my decision on which type of compression I truly wanted to purchase, and this one is by far my absolute favorite.

I was warned by many reviews - "DO NOT PUT IN DRYER". Stubborn me did not heed any warning, and into the dryer it went once every two weeks on high heat!

Soon, the material compressing my love handles began to tear a thin line in the fabric streaking from left to right. NOT GOOD! Popping out came my right love handle, to which I was no longer able to wear my bodysuit under a t-shirt, as a big fat lump was easily noticeable. Sad was the life of my 6 month (at the time, 5 month) old bodysuit.

Moral of the story here, wash, yes, but don't dry, at least not on high heat anyway. And if you do decide to dry, dry it on low heat and be sure to check and remove bodysuit (once it is dry) while remaining laundry tumbles in dryer.

Jenny |
Absolutely amazing!
I look absolutely sleek in this! And it's very comfortable to boot! I was told to buy a size smaller than my measurements because of my "squishy" body. I bought an 'S' and, though it's hard to get on, once on it's fantastic! NO lovehandles, not jiggly bits. The legs very tight for my thunder thighs but it is long enough that it doesn't "cut" the thighs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Miska |
Maybe just me, but Im just confortable in it....
True, getting into it at first, creates the perception this is a pretty "SNUG" fit.... but give it a couple hours tryout, and your body will acclimate yourself into it.

If you've got a "beer belly", don't expect it to create the illusion of sudden slimness, but it will create a wall of protective warmness around your belly walls so that you are aware of the material's tensions which creates this "snug" feeling.

I consider this an investment well spent. Material has quality feel to it without seeming tooooooo "sheer" as other slimming shirts seem to be. All in all, I like it, and am happy with it.
Miguel |
This is so comfortable, even with a few more pounds to lose!
I'm 6'4" and 305lbs. I ordered 2 of the XXL black suits. I am just a little too big for these yet but I won't let that affect my rating. They are so comfortable to wear. I thought they would be hot and suffocating, they're not.

They arrived with in three days of ordering. There was some confusion on my part as I live in an apartment and when I checked the tracking it said that it had been delivered. I didn't receive a notice on my door from UPS. Without thinking things through, I wrote to the company and told them it had been delivered to the wrong place, when in fact they delivered it to the leasing office. The next day I not only received an e-mail but also a courtesy call from customer service to see how they could rectify the situation. Great customer service!
Misty |
The motivator
After wrestling myself into this thing and getting dressed, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the me I am trying to be through diet and exercise. Quite seriously--a shock. What happened to those things that used hang over my belt? How come that no longer giggles? Whose butt is that?
Until I perfect, or at least near, the real thing, I will use this as a crutch.
Crystal |