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Mens Cotton Concealer Compression Muscle Shirt

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 974
4.8 11
32.99 USD
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  • Cotton Spandex
  • Sizes - Measure Chest in Inches: X-small 28-31 / Small 32-35 / Medium 36-39 / Large 40-43 / X-large 44-47 / 2X 48-51 / 3X 52-55
  • CONCEAL CHEST TUMMY AND SIDE BULGES IN A COTTON MUSCLE SHIRT - Looks like a regular cotton muscle shirt
  • POWERFUL HIDDEN COMPRESSION PANELS SLIM YOU DOWN - Powerful spandex lining inside the shirt provides all the slimming you want to look your best and feel great
  • PROMOTES CIRCULATION AND REDUCES SWELLING RELATED TO SPORTING ACTIVITIES - Recover faster from your workout, reduces swelling and promotes better circulation and posture
  • MADE IN THE USA - High quality construction and made with the finest materials for maximum durability and service to you
11 Customers reviews
4.8 11
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it's okay
TBH it's alright. Disappointing for the price. There's only one panel of compression so if you're on the bigger side it wont flatten you like the ultimate ones does. Very comfortable though and its a lot longer than the ultimate.
Hillary |
My go to
I've been binding daily for over a decade now and this is my go to binder for everyday wear. I have 3 other styles of binders that I use for particular occasions but at most I wear them once or twice a year. Excellent comfort and concealment.
Cheyenne |
Fantastic and worth it!
I haven't tried many binders, but as someone with an extremely large chest, getting something to flatten it out while being comfortable has been extremely difficult. The material is breathable enough to where I don't feel awful after a few hours. It's comfortable enough to shock me! I followed the sizing chart, and it fits perfectly. I will definitely be buying another. I still can't believe how fantastically it works!
Khirsten |
Very worthy
Just got this in and tried it on ; VERY impressed . The shirt is extremely comfortable. I got a size smaller them what I need and it takes away 75% of my man boobs and slims my love handles out . If you weigh any where near 280/290 get a large I tell ya it's great . The only struggle I had was taking it off but that's not gonna be a problem
Ezekiel |
Really Worth It
I'm really loving this. I'll probably have to order me another one in black.

For reference, I bought a small, white, and I think I'm somewhere in the B/C range but I'm not sure.

Anyway, this thing is super comfortable. I was a bit skeptical that it would actually feel like cotton (bought a "cotton" binder by another manufacturer that felt like swimsuit material), but it does. The fabric is stretchy enough to let you breath, while still binding pretty well. It doesn't get me flat as a board, but it's completely unnoticeable when you were a button-down shirt. It is plenty long enough to tuck in (perhaps too long, but I'm short). I also really like the broad shoulders, because sometimes tank-tops dig in. It was a total pain to put on (had to learn to step into it), but then again, I've been using binders with zippers in the front so...

Anyway, great buy.
Rebecca |
best binder I've tried
I haven't tried many binders but of the ones I have tried this one is the best. It's comfortable and you hardly know your wearing it because it moves with you instead of feeling rigid like I've had other binders feel. I also feel less like I'm wearing a corset with this binder. My only complaint and it's a very very minor one and it's probably partly because of my shape is it does tend to roll up. It's very easy to solve. I just have to wear it with pants that have a belt, no real biggy. And yes for you guys who have big breasts to bind, it really does do it's job. It may not seem like something that's softer and t-shirty would but this thing has it covered. I followed the sizing chart and even though the two binders I have are severely worn out and stretched out their still managing to do their job pretty well considering their nearly dead. XD So yeah, I'd strongly recommend this one. :)  
Nick |
decent quality, great fit
This is by far my favorite binder.  I have the tank concealer and the t-shirt binders, but i love the fit and feel of this binder.  I followed the sizing chart and feel it fits perfectly.  The quality is very good, there are no pulls, tears or threads, tho my tank has a couple of seams that are pulling.  It is nearly as strong today as when i bought it a year ago.  I do not overheat in it.  It remains smooth with no bunching and i have never had issues with it riding up that way i have had with the tanks. I will definitely be getting more of this one.
Carleigh |
Awesome Feeling
Wearing this shirt will make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. It's just awesome. I love it. I am gonna order some more.
Timothy |
Paul Says...
Shanique |
Love it
It did the job!
woon ching |
Jhon Says...
Compression Shirts are good to wear....
Cyril |