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Mens Concealer Compression Swimsuit

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 920
4.8 5
99.99 USD
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  • The better the fit, the better you swim
  • Suitable for all type of casual and extreme water and beach sports activities, including swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, sailing, and many others providing around the clock UV protection.
  • UPF 50+ UV protection to shield you from the sun's harmful rays
  • Perfect body fit. fast drying, retain its original shape with excellent stretch and recovery functions
  • Protect the skin against box jellyfish stingers, sea lice and other sea creatures, Feel safe while enjoying your beach and swimming activities
  • MADE IN THE USA - High quality construction and made with the finest materials for maximum durability and service to you
5 Customers reviews
4.8 5
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Almost perfect
It compresses much more than the other bodysuit, and it has a frontal zipper unlike the regular bodysuit. But UNLIKE the bodysuit, there's no opening in the pouch for going to the toilet with. If you want to wear this all day, you'll have to unzip all the way down in a private stall if you want to go.
Killian |
Love it!!! More comfortable at the beach!
This is such a blessing and I feel so much more comfortable at the beach. I no longer have to lie and say I don't like going to the beach to avoid having to go and feel embarrassed due to my abnormal body. Completely worth it!!!!
Guest |
One of the best
It works awesome. I don't even hope, despite being quite tight, that this suit will be so useful, and that it's compression will feel so super. It's comfortable, and it looks great, I think, it's perfect for men.
Guest |
Modest suit option for boys and men
This is a very manly option for boys and men.
Guest |
I got size small and it is pretty snug, but it looks and feels great! Binds more than my binder, no awkward bumps, and my sides look straighter. Worth the price.
Blaine |