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Vulvar Varicosity and Prolapse Support Boy-Leg Brief with Groin Compression Bands and Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pad

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 524
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38.25 USD
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  • Sizes: Measure Hips: Small 33"-36" / Medium 37"-40" / Large 41"-44" / XL 45"-48" / 2X 49"-52" / 3X 53"-56"
  • This boy leg brief even goes further than the model 523 by including a proprietary hot cold therapy pad. Hot/Cold therapy has been found to be very effective in easing pain and reducing swelling. For cold therapy, simply place the Hot/Cold therapy pad in the freezer for 20-30 minutes, remove and insert into the built in crotch sleeve and wear the garment for as long as desired. For hot therapy, place the pad in a bowl of water and place the bowl in the microwave oven for 30 seconds. The Hot/Cold therapy pad also provides additional support in the area.
  • Unique boxer, boy leg design with built in bands that provide support and compression to reduce swelling in the vulvar veins and to provide the needed support to the pelvic floor muscles to relieve symptoms associated with Uterine prolapse, Cystocele-bladder prolapse, and Rectocele. The beauty is in the design - these are regular boxer briefs, just a panty, regular underwear that does all you need at less than half the price that many charge.
  • Wear during or after pregnancy including post C-sections for relief from vulvar varicosities, vulvar swelling, and Lymphedema. This garment uses a cotton crotch that works as a sleeve for shields that would be very helpful in the event of vaginal discharge common when vaginal infections such as candidiasis are present.
  • An inguinal hernia occurs in the abdomen near the groin area. They develop when fatty or intestinal tissues push through a weakness in the abdominal wall near the right or left inguinal canal. Each inguinal canal resides at the base of the abdomen. This beautiful brief is effective in creating a firm lower abdominal artificial wall of support that alleviates pain caused by existing hernias such as Inguinal hernia and Femoral hernia and to help in prevention of future hernias.
  • Made with a smooth stretch cotton feeling fabric that is firm yet gentle - draw cord waistband allows you to place the garment in the right location and tighten as you need - features a cotton crotch that also works as a shield sleeve - Made with pride in the USA
  • Women boxer brief vulvar varicosity brief support garment lymphedema groin pain uterine prolapse uterus pelvic c-section belt maternity pain episiotomy perineal varices symphysis pubic compression baby bellyband v2 supporter compression therapy panty hot/cold therapy pad cryotherapy pain relief therapy cold compress cotton crotch
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I have purchased 4 pair of the boy-leg brief and they are just great.   These provide compression and support for my prolapse and really have made a HUGE difference in my daily activities.    I do not sleep in these but do wear them all waking hours.
Guest |
This product was great for it's purpose! It’s has a strap underneath (attached at the front and connected to the top backside). Excellent compression in where it’s needed most. The hot/cold pack doesn’t last that long (20 min tops) but it’s overall surprisingly extremely comfortable.
Guest |
This is wonderful!
Usually I don’t write a review bit I had to for this one. Whoever made this certainly knew what women with prolapse go through. This is an amazing garment. It really does the job! I have been comfortable all day today walking, sitting, and whatever I am doing. It feels so wonderful. My thoughts haven’t been consumed with pain and being uncomfortable. Thank you! I highly recommend this. And I will be buying Another one to have on hand.
Guest |