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Vulvar Varicosity and Prolapse Support Brief with Groin Compression Bands

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 521
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  • Sizes: Measure Hips: Small 33-36 / Medium 37-40 / Large 41-44 / X-Large 45-48 / XX-Large 49-52 / XXX-Large 53-56
  • Unique panty design with built in bands that provide support and compression to reduce swelling in the vulvar veins and to provide the needed support to the pelvic floor muscles to relieve symptoms associated with Uterine prolapse, Cystocele, and Rectocele. The beauty is in the design - these are regular briefs, not some contraption of elastics wrapped around you. Just a panty or brief that does all you need at less than half the price that many charge.
  • Wear during or after pregnancy including post C-sections for relief from vulvar varicosities, vulvar swelling, and Lymphedema. This garment uses a cotton crotch that works as a sleeve for shields that would be very helpful in the event of vaginal discharge common when vaginal infections such as candidiasis are present.
  • An inguinal hernia occurs in the abdomen near the groin area. They develop when fatty or intestinal tissues push through a weakness in the abdominal wall near the right or left inguinal canal. Each inguinal canal resides at the base of the abdomen. This beautiful brief is effective in creating a firm lower abdominal artificial wall of support that alleviates pain caused by existing hernias such as Inguinal hernia and Femoral hernia and to help in prevention of future hernias.
  • Made with a smooth stretch cotton feeling fabric that is firm yet gentle - draw cord waistband allows you to place the garment in the right location and tighten as you need - features a cotton crotch that also works as a shield sleeve - Made with pride in the USA
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They actually work !
Ten years ago at 61 I had a herniated disk in my back.  Over the next several years I developed organ prolapse . The surgery was way to scary, too many  risks and complications  possible and a pessary sounded  scary  too. With infection risks  and constant replacing and doctor visits.  I have been suffering for a long time thinking nothing would ever help .  In desperation I decided to try the support brief. I didn't think it  would work .  I was  sure they would chafe the inside of my legs raw.  But I was wrong . These panties actually work !! I put powder on first . The minute I put them on it's a huge relief.  It holds my prolapse up  and I  feel so much more secure  and comfortable .  I can go shopping now and not feel the constant urge to pee .  I love these briefs .  I  know I will never have the  horrible  surgery now . I can wear these panties for the rest of my life. Thank you for such a simple but effective product.
Guest |
Absolutely AMAZING! These have helped me to get back on my feet again. This is my 3rd order and I will never go back to ordinary briefs after wearing these.

We have nothing to compare with this in the UK but I am more than happy to pay the very high Import Duties just to get them into my country!

I cannot thank Underworks enough for caring about women! A very big shame we have nothing to compare with these in Great Britain!
Guest |
wonderful relief
These support briefs are just such a help.  Life more enjoyable. And USA made!!
Guest |
These undergarments are an incredible product.  My grandmother swears by them.   Before I got them for her she was getting depressed because there was no other alternative for her except surgery and being over 100 years old, she didn't want surgery.    And without these it was too uncomfortable for her to do anything more than sitting down and lying down.   These undergarments have her comfortably mobile and able to get out and around again.
Guest |
Life Changing!
Prolapse Support Brief is amazing.  I'm able to take my dogs on long walks again without discomfort.  Travel is possible now and so much more, perhaps even avoid surgery.
Guest |
I recommend this product
I was considering a pessary to ease the discomfort of my prolapse, but these are giving me the support I needed.  What a relief!
Guest |
I LOVE this product. They are sooo comfortable to wear ALL day!!!! I definitely recommend buying this!!!!
Guest |
Peace of Mind
I was so disappointed when I opened the package....just didn't look like they would do anything. I was WRONG! These briefs have given me back so much peace of mind. No more constant worry, irritation, and need to get off my feet. These briefs have given me back my life in so many ways. Unbelievable!
Guest |
Amazing for vulvar varicose veins!!!
I never write a review but I just had to! This product has saved my life! I’ve worn other belts for prolapse this is the MOST amazing product! Thank you!! I could not sit for long periods with the other belts I’ve worn. I work 10 hour days and I never have any discomfort. I refuse to get a surgery that might make a bad situation worse! I highly recommend this product! Love it!
Guest |