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Ultimate Chest Binder Tank 3-Pack

Manufacturer: Underworks
SKU: 997_3P
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95.97 USD
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  • Nylon Spandex
  • Sizes - Measure Chest-Inches: X-small 28-31 / Small 32-35 / Medium 36-39 / Large 40-43/ X-large 44-47 / 2X 48-51 / 3X 52-55 / 56-59 If unsure, please order the next size up.
  • EXTREME FTM GYNECOMASTIA CHEST FLATTENING CHEST BINDER - Flattens the chest and promotes a masculine looking chest
  • 2 POWERFUL MEDICAL GRADE FABRIC LAYERS PROVIDE MAXIMUM COMPRESSION POWER - Feel the strong compression on your chest, belly, sides, upper and lower back
  • UNDETECTABLE UNDER CLOTHING - Neckline is cut low enough to not show through your shirts. Flat stitched around the shoulders for comfort.
  • MADE IN USA - High Quality Construction for Maximum Durability.
  • HOW TO WEAR: One can place the shirt overhead and pull down like a normal tank. The other is to step into the garment, hold both straps of the shirt and step into the garment. Pull up the garment and slide arms through armhole and adjust for comfort. The other is to invert the garment and pull up the bottom of the garment up to your waist, grab the straps from below and pull up to below shoulder level and insert arms and adjust.
  • Made in USA
7 Customers reviews
5.0 7
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Great binder
I love these. I've tried others, but I keep coming back to these. Comfortable to wear, easy to move in, provides great compression. They also last a long while as long as they're taken care of, which is amazing.
Guest |
Parents , you are in the right place
I bought these for my teenage trans son.  If you are a parent trying to help find the right clothing for your trans son, you are in the right place.  This is the product.  You may want to start with a single to find the right size, but eventually you should end up buying in bulk.  Also, be sure to discuss binder safety with your son-- we ran into an issue that had to be treated medically after my son wore the binder too long.  He's fine now, but a gentle reminder to take it off at night may needed as your son will probably not want to take it off after he finally feels like himself when he wears it.
Guest |
great binders
Will buy more.
Cj |
Best binding experience for plus size trans guy
I’ve bought the ultimate chest binder multiple times and I’ve loved it. While the material isn’t the most comfortable, in fact it’s quite scratchy, I have the best binding experience. Recently I branched out to try a binder from a different brand and completely different site, unfortunately, it absolutely did not fit. This binder is my go to and it compresses my chest very well.
Ryan |
Nonbinary adult with DD chest. It flattens fairly well and gives me a more masculine shape overall. The boobs look more like pecs when wearing
Guest |
I am a trans ftm teen with a good sized C cup chest. These binders don't completely flatten my chest (as most trans individuals will find with most binders, especially the larger the chest) but do give me more realistic man pecs. They are comfortable and pretty breathable, but I wear body powder when its hot to help with the sweat. I have tried some other binders, but these are my favorite and I have bought this pack several times. Would, and have, recommend to a friend.
Guest |
excellent product
Best product on the market.  
Hawke |